What We Do

Being a full-service agricultural commodity trading company, we service producers and users of commodities and ingredients across North America. Handling off grade grains, oilseeds and pulses is our specialty. 

Our networks and services enable us to maintain our strong position in the agricultural industry, provide the best process and services to our clients, and understand the importance of relationships. Cutting-edge technology and systems help support those relationships.


With trading offices strategically located in Western Canada, we deal in a wide variety of conventional and organic products across North America. We are licensed and bonded grain dealers by the Canadian Grain Commission, and every one of our producers is assured of payment and financial security.

Every day, our clients rely on us to provide quality service and add value to their business with timely market information, competitive pricing, and reliable logistical execution. Our trading team is known for their wealth of expertise, market knowledge and resourcefulness. All of this contributes to a solid reputation that spans almost four decades.


Our Logistics Operations span North America, with a focus on bulk and bagged shipments delivered by truck and rail. With a select fleet of bulk carriers, we provide exceptional delivery ability and reliability.

Our freight services are further complemented by our trans-loading division, which offers service out of our centrally located Alberta locations, along with scaling and warehouse storage capabilities.


Our processing diversity spans from agri-feed to agri-food ingredients. Leveraging our own infrastructure and facilities, as well as partnering with experienced providers as needed, we ensure we meet the needs of our customers.

Our focus and drive is managing commodities and ingredients in the world’s most essential industry.

Mike Constantini