The overall outside shape of the logo is an oval.  It is a stylized globe shape and represents our ability to trade internationally.  There are three elements in the logo.  The one in the center represents CONSTANTINI as trader. The two outside shapes represent our customers, both buyers and sellers. The outside shapes rest on the central one in a way that visually creates a circular movement.  This represents CONSTANTINI being central to the trading between different parties.  The relationship between the three elements depends on all three being there, because we all need each other to make trading mutually beneficial.  There is also a strong horizontal line in the logo.  This was incorporated to represent the stability in the relationship between the three elements and our stability as a company.  In addition to the three elements creating movement, you may also notice two arrows created in the negative space remaining in the overall oval.  These also represent trading movement.

The colours of the logo respect the foundations of our company, trading in agricultural commodities.  These are dark green for growth and gold for grain.  We have really looked at who we are and who we want to be and are proud of our cohesive vision.