CONSTANTINI has invested in a strong supportive infrastructure of facilities and services to ensure we have the ability to meet all our clients’ material and logistical needs.

Bagged & Palletized Storage

Approximately 12,120 square feet of warehouse storage to house bagged and palletized inventory at our Lethbridge, AB warehouse.

Bulk Storage

Approximately 22,000 square feet of flat storage located at Broxburn, Alberta. Bulk bin and dry warehouse storage in Brooks, Alberta.

Reprocessing, Value-Adding

The Brooks, AB facility performs additional by-product reprocessing, value-adding, and pelletizing services. CONSTANTINI is a specialist in handling off grade grains, oilseeds and pulses.

Transloading Services

Rail to Truck trans-loading services take place at our Broxburn, AB and Brooks, AB rail sites located on CP Rail line. Both sites are complemented with scaling ability.


Our own fleet of bulk carriers allows us to provide exceptional delivery ability to our clients.