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Excellence in Service

Our traders are able to provide you with quality service and value: Timely market information, competitive pricing, and reliable logistical execution.

We are the link between our clients and the market.

Experienced & Trusted

The diversity of our team brings market experience and a solid reputation which spans over 4 decades.

We strive to meet your long term needs by building strong relationships.

With over thirty years in the Agri-Feed and Agri-Food business, our team provides a wealth of expertise to guarantee continuity of supply and quality from our growers through to our buyers.

As bonded and licensed dealers by the Canadian Grain Commission, producers are assured of payment and financial security.


CONSTANTINI is committed to cutting edge technology and systems to support our business relationships.

Continually improving our proprietary business management system enables us to provide efficient, accurate, effective and timely transactions and delivery.

Honouring our commitments is the foundation of our solid reputation in the industry.